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Other Turbine Services

Nacelles, Spinners and Nose Cones are Composites, too

All composite components can be inspected and repaired by our technicians while working on the blades. These components although not producing power like the blades, protect the machinery and create proper airflow across the structure.

  • Nacelle inspections and repairs
  • Hatch and access panel inspections and repairs
  • Nose cone and spinner repair
  • Gel coat and paint

Spares for Older Model Turbines

MFG Energy Services can supply replacement blades, nacelles, spinners, hatches and other FRP components that are no longer stocked by the OEM. Tooling can be easily made from a customer’s existing part without damaging it.

And Tower Maintenance …

Towers and blades need to be maintained as well. We provide the ability to quickly clean and inspect towers both inside and out. Bolts need inspection and the surface cannot be allowed to rust.

  • Exterior cleaning
  • Exterior and interior inspections
  • Paint touch-up
  • Bolt tightening