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Here are documents that you may find useful.

pdf  Inspection Services and Technologies 

  MFG Energy Services Capability Brochure

  Leading Edge Restoration and Protection Services for Blades

  Preventative Maintenance Services for Wind Turbines

  Engineering Services for Wind Turbine Blades

pdf  The Good Wind, Vol. 6 - Winter 2013/14 (PDF download 3.0 MB)

pdf  The Good Wind, Vol. 5 - Summer 2013 (PDF download 2.8 MB)

pdf  The Good Wind, Vol. 4 - Winter 2013 (PDF download 2.1 MB)

  AWEA Case Study on Composite Wind Turbine Components (PDF download 942 KB)

  MFG Wind: Composite Fabrication and Services for Wind Turbines (4.2 MB)

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